Monday, April 17, 2006

Life in a vacuum

So my current vacuum cleaner was bought second hand from a colleague for about £15 some 8 or so years ago.

The fact it is about as much use as a chocolate teapot hardly encourages me into better housekeeping.

So working on the premise of 'better motivation through gadetry', I've at long last given in and replaced it with one of these:

Let's just say it's a bit of a worry how much extra dirt is being lifted by some decent suction.

That said, having coughed up the dough, it is at least satisfying that it is patently doing a better job. I'm also impressed that everything I'd heard about Dyson functional design appears to be true.

Oh and delight of delights, all the instruction booklet diagrams have male figures doing the cleaning!*

So what with the offer of a free car cleaning kit (though annoyingly you have to send away for this) and 5 years warrenty instead of the usual 2 (yet another form to fill in and send off) if I bought it from John Lewis in April...well how could I say no?

I wonder if I could switch that 5yr coverage to a mileage based concept though...I'm realistic enough to know that the novelty will only last so long and then I'll be back to my slovenly ways again.

[sigh] Where did my mother go wrong?**

* I presume there's yet another form somewhere in the box that enables you to send off for the bloke...
** oh yeah she told me to go out and have a life

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