Thursday, April 06, 2006

Farndale and Pickering

We make our best attempt at the fabulous breakfast, but after last night’s blow-out even the mantra of “get your money’s worth” can motivate us to doing it justice.

We set off for Pickering and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (slightly further away than we realised) stopping on the way for a lovely riverside walk at Farndale’s National Daffodil Reserve.

The signs aren’t entirely clear as to whether the penalty would extend as far as injured feelings, if so I fear our comments about “not exactly a sea of gold is it?” may have upset the odd bloom and landed us in jeopardy of censure.

Still of course what we really needed was Nicky Mc to show us how to process a daffodil properly (don’t ask…actually do, she’ll be delighted to explain ;-) ).

Pushing on, we catch a splendid steam train (I believe the technical description is choo-choo) and revel in the ‘authentic 60’s’ décor of the carriages. The sandwich picked up at Pickering station is also doing it’s best to recreate the splendour of authentic British Rail cuisine.

Cuisine aside however, it feels like we’re caught in a real life version of a Thomas the Tank Engine adventure. First the engine slows so the staff can check out reports of a fire in a field (all under control no need for alarm) and then the train comes to a complete halt due to the eagle-eyed driver spotting a sheep trapped and distressed in the mire by the stream to the side of the railway.

Train staff alight and with rope and dedication the poor beast is dragged clear. Whether it will survive is another matter, but they’ve done all they can (though not according to the women in our carriage who opines that they should have wrapped it in a blanket and brought it aboard the train…

With the sheep as attended to as is practicable the train moves on and soon we reach the end of the line at Grosmount. After an hour and a half walking around the village we catch the train back.

No little adventures on the return leg.

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