Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring Meeting and Knights Templar

Another weekend away – this time Leicestershire for the Spring Greenbelt Operations meeting.

It’s an intense and packed day sandwiched between socialising with some of my favourite people on the planet (though one party sadly missing).

On Sunday morning, whilst my wonderful host does the church-thing, I head off home, calling in for a cup of tea with D and Sally at Rothley Court.

A fabulous, but at the same time rather weird place. Defying the weather we trapse around the grounds and encourage the far more sensible peacocks out from their rain proof, shrubbery hidey hole. One of them appears to take a liking for D. Well I say a liking – it’s not quite clear whether it’s following him or hunting him down.

Tipped off by Nicky, we explore the chapel…errrr sorry ‘temple’. This it transpires is the home of the Knights Templar and the memorial plaques, tapestries, notices and decoration are quite intriguing. It clearly also now doubles as a conference room. I’m not sure the patio heaters are a great addition to ecclesiastical architecture.

Still next time I fancy suggesting we settle a workplace matter with a joust, I’ll know where to come for the equipment...

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