Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It’s been back to work with a bang these last two days, with a presentation to some of our design teams marking the first public outing of my new technical leader role.

It’s rather daunting sitting there facing my colleagues; my all male colleagues. I’m convinced they’re thinking “so what’s this girly-girl going to teach us eh?”.

As we go through the key elements we need to get better on, I fear I’m teaching some at least how to suck eggs. However, when I ask some key questions like “be honest how many of you are checking incoming flows for supercriticality?”, only three hands raise.

The same three predictable hands raise each time, I feel embarrassed going through this stuff with these three – they have tons more experience than me, but if nothing else I hope it identifies them to the others, as parties to go to for assistance. I don’t work in this office and I can only get across so often so they need to know whom amongst them to go to.

For the others, I hope the presentations helped. Hopefully it reminded/informed them of what they need to be doing, what tools and guides are available to them and so forth.

Encouragingly as I head upstairs after the meeting, I find one very experienced, but fairly new to this particular programme, Eng1neer, printing out a couple of the key guides I was pushing. So I must have got something through at least.

Which is a relief as it’s hard to make this stuff interesting in a presentation.

Or a blog for that matter...

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