Monday, September 06, 2004

Weekend Break?

Stewart’s bright idea of the day: we should go to a Pontin’s Holiday Camp of the East Sussex coast for a weekend in December.

So OK it’s actually this year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties do aka Nightmare before Christmas and the line-up includes Mercury Rev, Peaches, Violent Femmes and The Fall, but it’s still not exactly what one would call a romantic weekend away.

The one potential obstacle (other than the “look we might not even be talking to each other by then”, but I’ve been told off for such pessimism/realism), is that to book a chalet you need a minimum of 4 people.

So if anyone…hmmm let me clarify, anyone we know (no random internet freaks need apply thanks!), fancies a December weekend in a cold chalet, checking out a strange collection of bands and DJs, please get in touch.

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