Friday, September 10, 2004

Meetings and being nice

Jo and I had plans for a boozy night out in town tonight. We meet at Dimitris to kick off proceedings with tapas and lots of wine. Lots of wine.

We’ve not been there long however, before a forlorn Stewart rings seeking an escape from his last minute preparations for tomorrow’s Best Man’s speech (last minute fill in as first choice’s wife is having to be induced on Saturday on health grounds) and DJ set (various length sets being all programmed on the iPod).

Before I can really think it through I agree to let him meet up with Jo and I for a few drinks later on.

And so unwittingly and unplanned the first ‘meeting of the other’s friends’ takes place (N.B. Phil and Sarah don't count!)

The verdict from Jo after he heads off: “he seems really nice – be nice to him Chapman!”.

I can’t imagine what she means. I haven’t even told her what an arse I was to him yesterday…

I suspect it’s more that she knows me well enough to know that one of the principle reasons I prefer being single is that I tend to turn into a ‘not very nice person’ when I’m in a relationship. I mean, I have warned him of this, but I don’t think he really believes me. He’ll see…

She’s right though and as she and I continue to drink the night away in Atlas bar, she convinces me that I should at least try my best to keep the “Bitch Queen” at bay…

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