Thursday, September 23, 2004

Decision made

Ok so I’ve made my decision.

I’m not going to go to Namibia next April.

It was supposed to happen this November with me accompanying Sarah on her work trip, combined with some ‘holiday time’.

Thing is Phil has now changed his mind and wants to go and the revised timing (due to issues over there) really sucks in terms of my work and the end of a 5yr contract, start of the next (potentially with different company etc).

Not that the three of us don’t get on really well, but it is a different dynamic. On the other hand it does give me the freedom of not feeling Sarah’s trip is dependant on me accompanying (aka driving) her.

I guess however the deciding factor is that the timing is appalling and financially it’s just not good. Job security right now is very low and the cost of the trip has increased significantly on early estimates (even with binning the going via Cape Town option that I was really wanting to do). Not the time to go into debt. The option of a trip in 2006 still remains – so I figure that’s the better option.

Will still feel hugely sad in April though when Phil and Sarah head off without me.

Of course that’s providing I find the courage to break the news of my decision to Sarah…

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