Sunday, September 19, 2004

Peaceful Weekend

A lovely peaceful weekend; lots of relaxing intermingled with a ton of paperwork and further progress on the immense task of getting my CD collection onto my iPod.

(still lovely – purrrrr, purrrr!)

Priority booking privileges on Friday also mean I manage to sort REM tickets for Old Trafford in June and thus avoid having to get up at dawn on Saturday. Not cheap though and quite how a company justifies both a service charge and a processing fee is beyond me.

The weekend is rounded off with a Sunday night curry at the Punjab and then back to Stewart’s place. The cats are it seems, becoming savvy to what my arrival in the house means and a very amusing Benny Hill style chase ensues as Stewart attempts to get both cats into the back half of the house and shut the door.

I’m sure my spectating and laughing was helpful in some way…

In a fatal end move, Sweep leaps from the ironing board onto my lap in pursuit of sanctuary. Bad move - no sanctuary here buddy!

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