Friday, September 24, 2004


Firstly, thanks to Caroline for the info on how to set up a site meter - perusing the stats is fascinating. I'm stunned how many people pop past each day to read this strange exercise in journal keeping.

I particularly love seeing how people got to this Blog. Mostly through other Blogs unsurprisingly, but it's the Google searches that really intrigue.

So far searches that have led to my door include people trying to find a Manchester Curry house, a Buckfast Tonic Wine T'Shirt and an Evelyn Waugh quote.

Most intriguing though is that someone searched on Google for "L1z". Just "L1z". And this blog comes up as entry 91 out of (about) 16,900,000 hits.

How scary is that?

So scary in fact I'm editing everything to L1z now!

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