Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Promise you won't laugh?

Just a typical Wednesday.

It starts at 6.30am when Stewart disappears off to work and my attempts to fit in a final hours sleep are thwarted by the b’stard mice that have decided to move into my loft.

Now let me be clear I have tried to get rid of them in humane ways (loud music, ultrasonic transmitters etc), but they won’t shift and are starting to a) do damage and b) wake me up each night with their noise. Accordingly my animal loving patience has run out and now I just want them gone – dispatched in as quick a manner as possible. So anyway…

Ten minutes after Stewart has gone, one bold mice, clearly thinking that the coast is now clear, ventures brazenly into the box room and is making a right din. When I creep into the room it can clearly be heard rummaging about in the large box that holds my old PC tower (awaiting cannibalisation) and various spare computer peripherals and lots of packing.

Being the sort that always has gaffer tape close to hand, I act quickly and seal the box. Gotcha!

So now what do I do?

Answer, manhandle box outside onto picnic bench in cold garden. Arm oneself with heavy saucepan and slowly open box and remove contents.

Midway through this I hear the door of the house opposite and duck behind the fence quickly before my neighbour Peter is treated to the strange view of L1z in pyjamas at 6.40am in cold garden apparently preparing to beat up a computer with a heavy saucepan…

Soon I have removed everything apart from the tower and it becomes clear that the mickey must be sheltering inside. I decide against going further and unscrewing the side panel – after all how will I hit the mouse if it’s between the PCI cards?

So instead I resort to placing a tray of fast acting poison in the box and resealing it.

In a Schrodinger’s Cat style experiment, the box will be reopened in a few days time and I’ll investigate properly.

Place your bets now…

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