Friday, September 24, 2004

My New favourite Band?

The traffic getting back from work tonight is utterly horrendous, so plans of cooking before heading out are shelved and instead it's a rush to get to the Apollo in time. Thanks to the ever running 192 service we make it just in time.

We miss the first support (the ever a bridesmaid never a bride Ikira Colt), but catch the second a bunch of Swedish head cases called Cdoa. Very Talking Heads…well if Talking Heads were Swedish and had a bloke in a tweed jacket and leather driving gloves playing a xylophone…

This is just a taster of the Swedish mayhem that is about to be unleashed by the headline act.

The Hives rock! The new album is really good, but live it’s transformed into utter greatness.

Pelle demands adoration from the audience and the audience are happy to comply. This is a band that knows how to give a performance.

Elated we head on to one of our favourite late night drinking holes Big Hands although Laura who has been drinking since lunchtime bows out gracefully and heads home.

Big Hands is hard to describe. Laid back, yet trendy; excellent whilst eclectic music from the DJ; chilled yet buzzing atmosphere; welcoming yet slightly seedy d├ęcor.

Oh and good beer. Which turns out to be Stewart’s downfall. It was that fatal 11th pint…

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