Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Decisions, decisions...

I hate the decision making process. Weighing up the pros and cons, thinking through all the issues, trying to work out how you really feel about the choices etc.

Stewart tells me that I just need to listen to my “inner voice”. My full response doesn’t bare repeating, but involves phrases such as “taking adult responsibility for ones choices”.

Not that I don’t agree with what he means about trying to establish how you really feel about something, but surely that has to be in conjunction with using our rational abilities to consider the issues?

After all if I don’t check my diary to discover that the option being considered clashes with something else I really want to do, my ‘inner voice’ is uninformed.

Admittedly my line about “I have about as much respect for the inner guide approach as I have for people who say “just listen to what God is telling you” – in fact it’s pretty much the same thing if you ask me”, may have been going too far…

Strangely though, once I've made my decision I'm usually at peasce with it. Once I’ve done the process I stick with my choice and accept whatever consequences follow in the knowledge I made the best decision I could.

After all the alternative outcome is always lost to us, so we can never ‘know’ if we made the ‘right’ choice. Kundera explains what I mean far better.

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