Saturday, July 17, 2004

VM Day

An early start this morning to make sure I make it to the Venue Managers’ Day at Cheltenham in time.
Gaynor and Ben have done a sterling job in organising today. The main purpose this year is to build up a sense of team and make them feel connected to the wider festival. Hopefully we’ve achieved something of that. It’s fantastic when they start swapping experiences and stories – I hope they feel the travelling was worthwhile.
In the evening a small group of die-hards head up Cleeve Hill to the Rising Sun and watch the sun set over the Malvern Hills (yes we have no idea why they call it the ‘rising’ sun either).
At closing time we head back to our various rooms at Hunters Lodge and Pitville Campus. Gaynor and I stay up for a few hours putting the world to rights in the bar. It’s good to have the time to talk like this, at the festival everything is always so busy.

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