Friday, July 09, 2004

Heading South

Another weary trudge down the M6/M5 after work. Despite heavy traffic in places I make it to Bristol before Caroline has finished at the cricket, which her temporary 14 year-old house guest has taken her to.
It all works out perfectly however as I have managed to come away without a watch and so Caroline recommends a shopping mall to call in at. She apologises profusely (now there’s a surprise!) for the cricket situation, but as I say to her, never ever apologise for a situation that results in me going shopping!
I find a lovely Guess watch at a third of its original price in the sale in John Lewis’.
Even better elsewhere in the mall, I discover the most fabulous pair of shoes ever. I have no idea what they will go with, but they speak to me. They speak to me and what they are saying is “Buy me! Buy me!”.
Sadly they don’t have my size, but I leave with the name of the style and the phone number of the Manchester store.

 They will be mine…

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