Monday, July 26, 2004

Coming clean

Monday morning and it’s pishing it down with rain. Nice.

Stewart also learns an important lesson in life: L1z is not what one might call a morning person.

I pluck up the courage to come clean with best mate Sarah about Stewart and I having become a little more than friends of late.

This is a bit of a weird one as Stewart and I have known ‘of’ each other for a long time through our mutual close friends Phil and Sarah, but have only previously met a handful of times and only got to know each other, one to one, recently.

We've discussed the "if it doesn't work out scenario" and apparently I'm getting custody of Sarah and Stewart, Phil. Not sure if they (or I) get any say in this.

Stewart’s suggestion for breaking the 'news' is to invite them around to his, to meet his ‘new partner’. Tempting, but somehow I think a more direct approach is probably more appropriate. Well OK, I settle for a text message; but even so I fear I can hear Sarah laughing from 25 miles away.

Actually though this may not come as as much of a surprise to her as I might have thought as Stewart confessed last night that he has been talking to them about liking me and getting their advice on it for some time now.

They never let on. Call themselves friends eh? I can't be paying them enough...

Stewart seems surprised that Sarah hadn’t done the “my mate fancies you routine”. I suggest this may be because we’re no longer at junior school. Still…

I realise once again how well Sarah knows me when Stewart summarises her response to him as "well L1z doesn't suffer fools lightly, but if she's making time in her schedule at this time of the year to see you, then it probably means she likes you".

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