Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Today we meet up for a picnic with one of Dad’s cousin’s who I’ve only met once before.
The day goes OK despite an early disaster when I fall foul of the uneven ground (who put the hills in Dartmoor?) and manage to tip Mum out her wheelchair.
Fortunately it was a very slow gentle affair and other than a slight graze to the cheek from her sunglasses no injuries are sustained. Dad and I manage to lift her back into her chair and all is well.
Naturally I am mortified and cannot apologise enough. Mum however is completely cool about it. Whether this is part of her usual amazing loving and forgiving nature or a side effect of the Prozac who knows.
Dad on the otherhand has seized on this for all its comic value. I suspect I will not hear the end of this anytime soon.

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