Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Chance Meetings

This week seems to be the week of chance meetings.

On Monday evening I’m sat at the traffic lights at the end of the M602, when I hear a car beeping to my left. I look across to see Jo giving me the two-fingered salute in greeting. You don’t see someone for a month or two and then twice in 2 days. As the lights turn green we managed to exchange: “Coffee?”, “Sainsburys Cafe?” and catch a quick drink and catch up for 15 minutes before Jo remembers she is supposed to be playing tennis and dashes off.

Still at least this time she stayed awake the whole time.

Tonight Sarah and I head out for a curry at the Punjab, to as Sarah puts it, “discuss developments”.

She manages to keep her mirth reasonably under control for most of the evening. Ah well, I live to amuse my friends.

Halfway through the meal in troops Karen, Stuart, their kids Katherine, Hannah and Rebecca and assorted friends of Katherine, who is celebrating her 13th birthday. Now we know who the balloons are for.

Katherine refers to me as her “Aunty L1z, who she loves lots and lots”. At first she was put up to this by Stuart and Karen, who thought it would be funny to wind me up in such a manner. Unfortunately they didn’t twig that it's not that I don't like kids, I just don’t want to have any of my own.

As it turns out Katherine is a grand lass and we get on excellently. So much so in fact that last year, and unbeknown to her parents, she dyed her hair red to match Aunty L1z’s.

I think that’s what one calls having the last laugh…

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