Sunday, July 25, 2004

Expensive Blu-tack...

Today Stewart apparently went out to buy some blu-tack and came back with an iPod (reduced by £100 in Dixons). And I thought I did impulse purchasing!

Mind you, he, like I, has long been coveting a slinky white box of dreams that allows you to take your entire music collection everywhere you go.

To say he is delighted with his new possession is a major understatement. When I mention to him that Pip has some gizmo that enables him to tune his car radio into his iPod, Stewart’s response is to suggest that this might be a good enough reason for him to buy a car…

I begin to grow concerned that Stewart will not wish to be parted from his new toy long enough to keep our dinner date tonight. I think it was a close call, but apparently I have a “nicer smile than an iPod” and hence he’s at Velvet waiting for me as planned. I guess you have to take your compliment’s where you can. After all to get stood up for a MP3 player would have done nothing for my self-esteem.

After last night I had resolved that tonight I would a) drink less and b) not have too late a night. Both resolutions were broken.

Still it was a very good night.

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