Saturday, July 03, 2004

Hair and cows, but no shoes

A novelty of sorts this weekend…I’m actually in Manchester.

Today was spent in town, getting my haircut and coloured (no folks, no one’s hair is naturally this colour!) and trying to do some shopping.

Between the hair and the shops I meet up with Tracy, Phil and Sarah in Waterstones’ café (top marks for having Tea Direct as their standard tea!). In an act of immense will power I tear myself away, knowing that I cannot put off the search for a pair of shoes any longer. I even manage to get out of Waterstones without purchasing a single book – quite an achievement for a bibliophile like myself.

Passing by many a brightly decorated cow, I wind my way through St Anne’s Square towards Market Street, only to find all the Arndale Centre, Market Street, Royal Exchange, Marks, Selfridges and surrounding shops have been evacuated over a suspect package.

I kick around the bits of town that are still open, but I can’t find what I’m after and so I head home defeated.

The moral of the story being, shop first, cafe later.

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