Saturday, July 10, 2004

Bristol and beyond

Seeing Caroline last night and this morning was heaven.
I even managed to see Kathryn when she came to pick up her son Giles fresh from his week’s work experience at Caroline’s offices.
In a marked improvement on my last visit, we manage to boil water for pasta without issue!
I had to leave Caroline’s mid-morning to continue the journey on to Dartmoor where I and more importantly it seems, the lunch I will bring with me are awaited.
We are becoming regulars at this divine (and rather luxurious!) country house hotel. They are so good to us, which makes all the difference as Mum has MS.
Coming away like this is a struggle, but it means Mum gets out and about a bit and hopefully I can share some of the caring load to give Dad a bit of a break (provided he ever allows this and manages to relax!).
It’s good to be able to spend time with them and the location is fabulous and happily not overrun by other visitors. This combined with the gourmet dining and great facilities mean that I do feel like I get something like a holiday myself.
I could get used to the daily swims.

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