Thursday, July 15, 2004

Relaxing and not so relaxing

We try to mix more active days with relaxing days so that Mum doesn’t get too tired, but even so I fear the week will leave her shattered. She maintains it’s worth it, but I also know Dad will suffer alongside her.
Anyway in an attempt to try and measure the pace, we head to a secret little spot we’ve found up on the moors. In a sheltered valley, beside a beautiful stream and an old clapper bridge, we get away from it all and lap up the sunshine.

The only things that disturb us are about 2 passing cars, some cattle and a herd of Dartmoor Ponies.
Come the evening however I'm pouring over the laptop I brought with me. The thought of hundreds of Greenbelt emails waiting for my return seemed a worse option than a little work each evening.

 I wonder though if this was a mistake and is preventing me from completely switching off properly…

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