Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Dan’s Blog the other day, considered the issue of comments on Blogs and whether, in a world in which everyone can have their own Blog with limited effort, it wouldn’t be better for people to comment on their own Blog and Trackback.

Well personally I think it works better to have comments together in the same place, but the idea of “no Blog – no Commenting” is intriguing.

Personally I’d be more in favour of “No Blog – No Reading” if anything. One such non-Blogging (and for that matter non-commenting) reader of this particular site, said to me on the phone today “I like reading all you guy’s Blogs; it’s like having my own personal soap opera to watch”.

Well as I’ve accepted before, I live, it seems, to amuse my friends, but is it too much to ask that they amuse back. So come on (you know who you are) why not start a Blog?

Pab gives great masterclasses.

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