Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Things to make you go “eeeuuuwwwgghh!”

So today was a fundraising day for a charity, which involved us all wearing red. I plumped for a red top and my lovely new red shoes (well I say lovely, they look nice, but you spend half you life fishing them back up your heel).

There’s something lovely about a pair of red pumps.

Well there is until one of your colleagues, a late fifties, slightly lecherous, but ultimately harmless bloke, screws up his face into a leer and says “phwoar! I’ve got a real thing about women in red pumps”.

So that’ll be one pair of shoes, I’ll not be wearing to work again in a hurry.

This is probably second only to the time I sat down next to a male colleague for a conference, who promptly sniffed the air knowingly and leant over and whispered “mmmm Jean Paul Gaultier perfume…instant boner”. That was a long day.

I never wore that perfume to work again either.


sally said...

Oooh..try wearing the red pumps and perfume together and see what happens!

1 i z said...


Sally it doesn't bear thinking about!