Friday, February 16, 2007

I think not

As I arrive at the Dog Collars and Rabbit Corpses’ household after work (we’re heading out for a Punjab later), I’m greeted with the line “I’ve just blogged about you!”.

The offending article would be this, in which Stuart suggests (oh he thinks he’s so funny) that I should give up buying shoes for lent.

Silly boy.

You see I don’t buy shoes or clothes very often as I don’t hit the shops very often. So when I do, I tend to have a splurge.

Admittedly the other week I went into Sports World in a retail park near where I work to buy a swimcap (part of the healthy living campaign, very worthy) and noticed they had a shoe sale on. Now I need some trainers for the gym (again worthy points and trust me I wouldn’t buy white, sensible, trainers for any aesthetic reason), so I took a look.

It’s hardly my fault that for a supposed sports shop they also had ‘general shoes’. And at £3.16 for some wedgy canvas affairs with an ankle tie, it would have been criminal to not have tried them on. Ok so maybe I didn’t strictly speaking need a black pair, a pink pair and a rather fine chocolate brown pair with gorgeous beading and sequins, but come on folks, at £3.16 is it really worth taking ten minutes to decide which ones you prefer?

I realise that this story could be reduced to a headline of “1iz goes to a shop for a swimcap and leaves with four pairs of shoes”, but really I think you’ll agree that would do a disservice to the extenuating circumstances…

When K gets home, she and I disappear upstairs and start talking clothes. She has this totally fabulous skirt – quite the loveliest thing I’ve seen for a good while. As we talk shops, it becomes clear that she a) shops in places I don’t often visit and b) she has a real eye for good purchases.

Now contrary to what some people may think I’m not actually a keen shopper. Generally I find the whole process a chore and the crowds and the hassle send me nuts. I want to get in, get what I need and get out again. Similarly, there are few people I can bear to go shopping with; when it comes to clothes shopping even fewer, but I figure K would actually be a great shopping companion. So we start talking about how we should hit town together sometime; in fact, aren’t we both free tomorrow afternoon?

As we head back downstairs, still talking clothes, Stuart looks up and says “how come you two, have never been shopping together?”.

Well that would seem to be a sign wouldn’t it?

Any one else think he may come to regret that sentence?

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