Sunday, February 04, 2007


After a hectic week, I’m looking forward to a quiet day off, ahead of what looks like it will be another tiring week.

I have but one chore to complete, given I’ll not be able to make Book group on Thursday, I’ve offered to lend my copy of The Ghost Road to Nonreader (plus the spare copy I have of Nineteen Eighty-Four).

She rings and sounds terribly bunged up with a cold and as if she’s at death’s door. She mentions she needs to get to Borders to buy her brother a book token (yes you read right she was planning to go to a bookstore) and needs to work that around when I’m coming as her letter box is probably too small for me to get the book through.

I comment that she sounds like she should be in bed and given I’m coming out anyway, why don’t I go to Borders for her en route. A cunning plan is hatched.

As I’m getting ready to leave, Stuart rings. We chat about the huge shiny thing he and Karen are about to buy (watch his blog for details in due course) and the small shiny thing I bought yesterday. Stuart has been considering a sat nav as well, and it was his preference for the TomTom that swayed me in part. The news that if he and K do get one in due course, we’d be able to sign up as ‘buddies’ and then be able to see where the other one is, delights his childish side as much as it does mine*.

He did mention he needed to get to Morrisons (on foot, K has the car), to get food for their tea, but somehow the time got away from us (my fault K – blame me!). As he dashes off at ten to four, I joke that I’ll wait for his begging call if he’s too late.

Ten minutes later the phone rings.

So I end up rushing about to get out, first to Tescos for chicken for their curry (and some flowers for poorly sick Nonreader, even illogical people need cheering up when they’re ill I reckon), then to Borders for the book token and then to Currys for an adaptor I needed (I get to the doors at four fifty and the cheeky buggers are locking up), they’re out of stock anyway, but PC World next door come up good.

Then on to Nonreader’s to drop things off and finally on to the Dog Collars and Rabbit Corpses household, where the absence of chicken breasts is not going down well. In return for said items I’m invited to tea (lovely bonus) and we sit and chat, putting the world to rights and pouring over the brochure of their new shiny thing.

Home in time to pack my bags and fall into bed with eyelids sagging again.

*N.B. I ask mention this feature to Sally (another TomTom owner) on MSN later. It’s news to her and she remarks that it’s rather typical that she’s had hers for a year and never looked at the website for extra features, whereas in my first 24 hours of ownership…

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