Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shopping Buddies

And so it came to pass that K and I went shopping together.

Why on earth have we never done this before?

Two hours in, we’ve only actually done two shops, but to be fair, one is a department store (so actually lots of little shops really) and the other is Primark (which it appears is less of a shop and more of a new and unique circle of hell, bedlam and disorder and huge queues reign).

After a (late) lunch break at Café Metro, we continue in our quest.

Faith shoes: now it would be wrong of me to suggest I didn’t indulge (a fab pair of black canvas pumps, with an ankle strap – yay pumps that stay on your feet and a pair of Kanga trainers in the sale at a bargain £15), but let’s just say I have to bow to a superior shoe shopper as K purchases a pair of pumps in patterned material and a matching handbag. I am but a novice in the shadow of such excellent procurement.

Various shoe shops try to tempt us off the straight and narrow, but we keep our resolve and make it to Next, where in contrast to Primark, calm and gentle order prevail. The racks are neat and the assistants helpful (we order Stuart one T’shirt he wanted, but isn’t in stock yet and buy him one from the same range that is, excellent diversionary tactics from Mrs K there). We each try on a couple of items, but the success of the day was when we both squeezed our fine but slightly less ample of late derrières into rather small sized jeans – yay!

Tired but satisfied we head back to the Dog Collars and Rabbit Corpses’ household and just have time to show of our purchases, before changing into our new (matching) jeans and heading into Chorlton for a night out with friends.


sally said...

oh please please can we do it all again when I visit? Especially the bit about squeezing into small jeans????

Kathryn said...

Envy, envy...Just as well that Lent doesn't start till tomorrow cos I'm clobbered by a whole basinful of deadly sins instantly.
A new era begins for the retailers of Manchester. Enjoy!

stuart said...

Just the mere mention (again!) of you having been shopping sends me weak. Oh how I so regret having mentioned that you should do it. Hide the cards,close the shops, warn Manchester, run to the hills...........HELP!