Friday, February 09, 2007


When I told Stuart and Karen that if they did get a TomTom, then we could sign up to be buddies and then see where each other was on the map; Stuart went "ooooh",, Karen gave us 'the look'. The look that says "you two and your gadgets, why on earth would you want to do that?".

Of course there's no good answer to that one. I guess if we were both travelling to something we'd be able to see each other's progress, but that's a bit weak isn't it? What information does the TomTom buddy feature give that a simple phone call wouldn't? But that's not the point - it's just cool that we could...if we ever wanted to.

When I told Sally that we could be TomTom buddies, she seemed similarly unimpressed and added "typical though, I've had mine for a year and didn't know it could do this, you've had yours for 48hours...".

When I told Steve that we could be TomTom buddies, he said "cool! Let's set it up now!".

When he told his good lady wife, he apparently also received 'the look'.

Sadly however, technology let me down and I couldn't get my TomTom to establish the required GPRS data link through my phone.

I looked at the FAQs on the website and nearly gave up when there was no relevant info. Half-heartedly, barely hopeful of receiving a timely, helpful response, I filled in the standard tech support email request form.

By lunchtime today, a mere 14 hours later, a reply drops into my inbox, with detailed info about what the likely problem is and the specific info I need to get from my mobile phone provider.

Well that's better than I expected, but I'm now in the hands of Orange. Yes, that sound you hear, is that of my crest falling.

After a mere 10 minutes in their queuing system (question - given this happens every single time I try to get through, is it really accurate for them to keep claiming that they are "currently experiencing an unprecedented number of calls"?) I get passed from one assistant with a poor grasp of English to another, until finally my call lands with the rather wonderful Rob.

Rob works through all the issues with me, resets my GPRS account and gives me the data I need in case that hasn't fixed it and I need to set it up manually.

Annoyingly the TomTom system takes ages to try new settings, before you can override things and I feel bad about keeping him waiting. I suggest I have a go and ring back if it doesn't work. He counters that I'll only end up in the queue again and likely end up with someone who doesn't understand what I'm trying to do.

Bless him, it all works and my TomTom can now do all it should via my mobile.

No one is more surprised than me that I experienced not one, but two examples of fine customer services in the course of one day. The fact that one of the companies involved was my previous nemesis Orange, is all the more shocking.

I may need to sit down for a while.

Oh look Steve's at his home...shall I wave?

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sally said...

Oh, you so misunderstand me!!!! I am not unimpressed! I lvoe the idea of being a tomtom buddy..I could play at this sort of thing for hours!!! my lack of enthusiasm stems from the thought that I have a basic tomtom which i fear does not do the buddy thing..and the feeling of inadequcy that yes, I have had mine for a year and meant to load the dvd and go online and see what else it could do..but haven't got round to it..and you have done just that within 24 hours of owning one!!! I promise I will geton to it this week...

I am also depressed andamazed that you said good service and orange in the same sentence. I have washed my hands of them.... but well done to you!!!!!