Saturday, February 24, 2007


Favourite niece K and I are on a mission. A mission that involves the Trafford Centre and lots of shopping. I think we should be up to the challenge...

After the first couple of shops we find a late lunch at Cathay, the Yang Sing's Trafford Centre outlet.

It's easy to be sceptical about eateries (or indeed most things) at the TC, but I've heard good things about Cathay.

Based on the shared platter of dim sum and a couple of main dishes, I'd have to say I'd agree; it's clear that the Yang Sing have brought their customary quality to the table for this shopping centre version.

Well fed, it's back to the stores and several hours later, the aim of our endeavour is met; favourite niece has what she needs and is hopefully a happier bunny as a result.

Last stop before we finish is Debenhams, where the pair of pumps I saw last week with K's mum are still playing on my mind.

In the light of Stuart's lenten challenge, the casting vote goes to K:

"Don't listen to my father, they look good. Get them."


sally said...

Um..I've never been to the Trafford's ages since I bought any shoes.....

1 i z said...

Well we need to do something about that Sally. I don't suppose you're free next weekend? ;-)