Saturday, February 03, 2007

Finding Direction

I gave up trying to read the papers for today’s Ops Manager review meeting last night, sleep kept interrupting me. Giving it up as a bad idea, I vowed instead to get up early this morning, get to our meeting venue ahead of schedule and read the papers there.

Of course, I did just that (ha! Ye of little faith!) and was sat surrounded by papers at the airport hotel when MS arrived.

DC rings from Stockport train station, running a little late (so no change in some cases then), SW is running about 20 minutes late and follows him in, but MF and BB are still on the runway at Gatwick. Whilst it’s a bright and clear day in Manchester itself, a little pocket of fog is clinging to the airport and delaying arrivals by up to 2 hrs.

We start covering what we can and people catch up and join in as they arrive.

It’s an intensive day, so much to cover, every last minute is utilised. We get loads done and a good 90% of what was needed, which isn’t bad.

Exhausted I head home, but need to go via some shops to get provisions for my empty fridge.

The fog has descended again and it’s thick as a blanket out by Heald Green. I’ve driven that back route from the airport any number of times, but the fog is so bad I’m seriously disorientated and having to strain to see turnings.

I’ve been seriously thinking about getting a sat nav for the car and have been looking on-line a little at the post-Christmas deals. Part of me says it’s an un-necessary extravagance, I’m pretty good with maps (I’d be a hopeless Eng1neer if I wasn’t) and rarely feel the desire for the added aid that a sat nav brings, but a couple of trips recently in fog or pitch black unlit roads have made me reconsider.

It feels like a sign that as I pop into M&S to return a few bits, there in front of me, with a two year guarantee (competing with John Lewis anyone?), is the TomTom 510 that I’ve been considering and there in my wallet are the unspent Christmas bonus vouchers I got from the company.

I take it as a sign and gadget girl strikes again.

Oh it sparkles, oh it shines, oh it delights.

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