Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Day One

After breakfast, we head off for the office where we'll be running the course. It's a cross country route, but we figure that we'll learn our lesson from yesterday and trust Mr Cleese.

That is until he takes us up an unmade road. Did I say road? I think track would be more fitting.

The local road signs aren't much more helpful, but we've left plenty of time and so we're still there in good time and set up ready for when the delegates arrive.

It's an intensive course and tricky stuff for the guys to pick up, but by the end of day one they seem to have got one of the most complex aspect and settle down to the final exercise unaided.

Back at our accommodation, we have a short time before dinner. I retire to my room and am entertained by text messages from Sally. She has a go at guessing the nature of the questions we set on the course. I believe her finest attempt involved the phrase "using the standard national turd transfer rate".

It's almost as if she was a fly on the training room wall.

After dinner in the beautifully converted main building, we take a walk into the village and find a lovely little pub, all exposed beams, real ale and open fires.

The perfect unwind after an intense day.

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sally said...

So glad I help to entertain!!!!!