Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Feeling

Well it's been quite a week for gigs.

Tonight K, Stuart and I have The Feeling at Manchester Apollo, supported by The Fray.

The Fray's set is all very slick and How to Save a Life stands out as a quality pop tune, but it's all very easy-listening and same-y.

At the weekend Stuart invented a new yardstick for judging gigs; if the band were playing at the end of your garden, would you close the windows.

Halfway through their set I lean to Stuart and suggest that I'd be ready to close the window now.

The Feeling take to the stage following a video montage of their fans covering various tracks. The guy in the shower is hilarious.

Whilst The Feeling might not be top of my musical wish list, they bring an undeniable energy to the stage. The set is professional and the interaction with the crowd wins over even the most ardent doubter.

The crowd bounce and sing along to number after number and even the covers of Video Killed the Radio Star and Fat Bottomed Girls sparkle.

As is traditional, I text Sally to see if she'd like to hear a bit of what she's suggested should be DC's theme tune. Ironically enough she misses out because she was on the phone to DC, who for once had called.

So here especially for Sally is a quick excerpt:

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