Monday, November 27, 2006

Up the Candle

In conversation at the weekend, it transpired that Stuart had only lately come across the phrase 'higher up/lower down the candle' to describe relative styles of church worship.

I suppose I grew up with the phrase, but I share Stuart's fondness for it and have used it many a time in recent years to describe part of my journey as having been one of climbing the candle.

Proof positive of this directional movement must surely be that a bored lunchtime perusal of my SiteMeter shows that I rank 55 on Google for the search Ecclesiastical Regalia.

The post in question also reminds me of an associated phrase that entered my lexicon a while back. Sadly I feel non-conformist Stuart will have less opportunity to use "up to his tits in tat".

Readers may draw their own conclusions about the implications of this blog also enjoying it transpires, a ranking of number 1 on Google for Clockwork Nun...


Anonymous said...

Can't say I've come across the 'up the candle' phrase... you learn something new every day :)

I have to ask too... are clockwork nuns and 'up to tits in tat' related?

Kathryn said...

I love the tits and tat ...perfect for so very many of my pink-gin sodden (yes, that's sodden! but maybe it should be pink gin-sodden?) friends.
Happy Saturday :-) x