Sunday, November 12, 2006

End of the weekend

Strangely enough when I arrived back at the AFO conference, the crew were still up and drinking (pints of whiskey and coke in some cases). I have some catching up to do.

Despite this I still don’t sleep well and decide to sacrifice breakfast for some extra time in bed.

The last few sessions are again worthwhile and as we pack up and head our separate ways, I’m glad that P brought this to my attention. Some good stuff learnt, some interesting ideas to consider, some hopefully useful contacts made.

Back in Manchester I doze on the sofa before P&S come round for a quiet night of pizza and DVD. Perfect mellow end to a hectic weekend.


Caroline said...

"some hopefully useful contacts made"....with enough info to stalk tehm as well?????

glad it was good and worth it (tho 'must be mad' sprang to mind given the compexities of your socail calendar) ..and glad that you managed to sleep a little bit

sally said...

sorry to have missed it. next year....

1 i z said...

'must be mad' is a pretty accurate description C...serves me right for double booking.