Monday, November 27, 2006

Casino Royale

Mid-afternoon I receive a text message from S: “Unless you feel at risk of social overdose do you fancy seeing Bond tonight? Trapped in box nightmare.”.

I reply that I see it more as the opportunity to get one’s money’s worth whilst one can. Besides it is most surely a best mate’s duty to rescue a friend trapped in packing hell.

So after the gym I head straight to S’s and we just make it round the corner to the Showcase in time.

The intricacies of the poker scene are a little lost on S and I; at the point of high tension when you catch sight of the various card hands, we just look at each other with amused shrugs. This doesn’t spoil the film though, it has to be one of the best Bond films for a good while. Proper acting and dare I say a rather enigmatically sexy new central figure.

Daniel Craig in swimming trunks….mmmmm…well you wouldn’t kick him out of bed for farting would you?

It needs some tighter editing, there are plot holes big enough to drive an Aston martin through and the product placement (yes, yes Sony Vaoi’s are lovely, enough already) is a little tiresome, but overall it’s a cracking film.

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