Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mother-Daughter Retail Therapy

Rejigging some leave from Christmas I’ve managed to arrange things so that I can take a day now to spend with Mum and Dad.

In exchange for some computer help from me over the weekend, Dad has given the go ahead for Mum and I to do what we do best – a girlie shopping trip.

Accordingly, 9am sees Mum and I en route to Croydon. The shops are amazingly busy for midweek – I guess the Christmas shopping rush has started already.

Happily, I’ve already done most of my Christmas buying and Mum’s for that matter, so our trip is free of stress and we’re able just to meander and pick up bits here and there; attempting to suppress the homicidal rages that busy shopping malls bring to the fore.

Of course shopping is really just an excuse for some mother daughter time together. So retail therapy gives way for a while as we get a coffee and chat away.

Keeping to our strict schedule, we meet Dad at the arranged point and I’m taken to lunch at a newly refurbished restaurant near where I grew up. It’s nice to spend time with them both and good that we get on so well these days.


steve said...

you were in croydon and we didn't get to have coffee!! ... well cheers :(

sally said...

glad you are getting on well with the wrinklies. it comes with age and maturity...I think...mmmmm theirs or yours??? !!! xxx

1 i z said...

Excuse me, Mr F - but as I recall I did suggest meeting for a drink whilst I was down, but you made some feeble excuse about being in Wales.

sally said...

steve, get your story straight.....