Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Binge Blogging

Should I worry that I seem to binge blog?

Life gets busy and I end up with half-written draft entries that sit around for a week or so until I get the time to tidy them all up and publish.

Maybe binging is something in my nature? For example I've been swimming a great deal of late a habit that I'm paying for in the hair department (dear lord I'm actually having to use conditioner for once) and the left shoulder.

The latter does seem to be mostly healed thanks to a week spent on dry land. The occasional twinge, but generally ok.

So...the question is, am I ok to resume the exercise regime?

In the absence of an suitably available medical wisdom, I'm more than willing to be swayed by the random opinions of those who wander through this place. So what do you think?

When should I recommence swimming?
Right away, your shoulder is bound to be fine
Right away, you'll probably fuck your left shoulder up completely, but you have a spare
Do try and be sensible - leave it another week
A couple of months should do it
Why the fuck are you asking me? How the hell would I know?
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