Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The end of the long goodbye

For the fourth day in a row S and I meet up (I guess we’re both eager to squeeze what we can from these last few days), but I leave for London tomorrow, so this really is our last chance to meet up before they move.

We’ve planned an evening out at the Christmas Markets in town and best of all P is, as hoped, able to join us, fresh from his work leaving do (ever so slightly merry).

As we mooch and munch and chat and laugh, I’m reminded of how much I love these two friends of mine. We just get on so well and are so comfortable in each other’s company. I’ll miss the easy spontaneous meet-ups, but that’s the only thing that ends here, the friendship continues, just on a more organised basis in future. In fact my first trip to Wolverhampton and a shared New Year are already planned.

But, this era ends here, and having dropped them back at their Manchester home for the last ever time, I drive away sad, but at the same time grateful for the gift of all my wonderful friends.


sally said...

((((((Liz)))))) I'll see what I can do, and try and move up..what's that i hear you say? Some friednships work just because they are long distance? Really???

Kathryn said...

Oh its HORRIBLE when friends move...I do so sympathise.
Hope the road to Wolverhampton is smooth...I'm sure it will soon be comfortingly familiar.
Meanwhile, a hug from the south west x