Sunday, October 29, 2006


The alcohol consumed, combined with the improvements to my shoulder achieved by the brute force and (informed) ignorance camp, mean I get a better night’s sleep. The extra hour thanks to the end of British Summer Time partly compensating for the late night.

Following breakfast and a devotional time, it’s back to meetings, through to lunch.

I’ve drawn the short straw and am down to facilitate the last session for Ops; trying to bring everything from the weekend together into firm decisions and actions.

We finish with a well earned lunch and then people depart for home. A small group of us however have one further treat in store as we escape to unwind together and the ever generous DC and Sally treat us to high tea in Crewe Hall.

The place is stunning and it affords me another “as only previously seen in the movies” moments. Yes I have now sat in a throne like tall arm chair in a extravagantly decorated room and eaten from a silver cake stand.



sally said...

truly class and a first for me too! Um, Liz, don't you have some other photos of the weekend to share???

Martyn said...

I'm jealous!! It looks beautiful!!

1 i z said...

all in good time Sally...all in good time...