Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shopping for Shiny Things

I woke up yesterday with the hints of a migraine starting, so took my meds and went back to sleep (this combination often does the trick if I catch it early enough). Normally I’d wake up in about an hour; two at the most.

Six hours later I woke up, with a fairly clear head, but to the realisation I’d kind of lost an entire day.

So other than a bit of searching on-line for laptops and prices little was achieved.

I was starting to think (and hence save) about upgrading the laptop. It’s rather ancient, heavy as all hell, slow and various bits don’t work anymore. I’d upped the RAM at the beginning of the summer and had hoped that would buy some time, but I can’t see the point in paying out for the keyboard.

So having done my research on-line I head to the shops.

An excellent price for a HP in Staples, further undermines the concept of shelling out for a really lovely super light Sony Vaio. But I’m holding out until I compare in the flesh, so I head on to the Trafford Centre and John Lewis and the Sony Centre.

The very small Sony’s are gorgeously light, but I think too small for my purposes. The next size up would be perfect and 1.8kg is still a really good light weight.

The price tag however is not good. Even scouring on-line offers they are seriously pricey to get a reasonable spec.

However the Sony Centre does have a 10% off offer running in the store (supposed to be 5% on laptops, but it’s funny how that changes when you start to leave the store) and the next range up is comparable to the HP, but a bit more lovely.

So I take the plunge…a new lovely shiny, but not too expensive Sony Vaio is mine.


Just because I can.


Kathryn said...

Well, God bless it and all who type on it! I'm sure that all the techie probs in the world are caused by lack of prayerful attention to our puters...or something! I've just bought my laptop a new power cable, so it's up and running once more...but the PC. Grrr.
New toy looks lovely. Enjoy :-)os

sally said...

I nearly got one of those!!! But I wasn't allowed.....