Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Last Kiss

I had free preview tickets for The Last Kiss tonight, so Phil and I met at the Printworks and replaced a proper meal with a bag of popcorn.

All I really knew about the film going in was from the link Steve Lawson had provided a while back re the soundtrack.

Well that and that it had Zach Braff in, which was probably enough to seal the deal for me.

It was a pleasant enough film, which once it got into it’s stride (and that took a while) was pretty interesting. Not least because whilst the story was engaging and the characters felt very real, none of them were set-up for you to feel particularly sympathetic with.

On one level I liked that – it’s more real to reflect that everyone has their flaws, there are no saints here, two sides to every relationship difficulty. Similarly they don’t just follow simple narratives that resolve in the usual cliched way. On the other hand though, this 'grey space' does mean that you’re not really rooting for anyone and that also slightly diminishes the experience. Whether the trade off is worth it, I’m not sure. I am glad however that someone is making films that at least dares to play around with that whole area a little to see what results.

As for the soundtrack – well the guy is a serious Brito-phile...

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