Sunday, October 22, 2006

And you thought you were having a bad week?

Why does everyone seem to be having a shite time at the moment?

To top off a week of woe, on the way home from the Punjab on Friday night (a selfless buddy cheer-up mission honest. I hated every minute) I got a text from the wonderful C saying she was in hospital.

A fuller account is here. Oh and if that wasn't enough, here's what happened when she got home.

And in what (contrary to what Mr Shankley thought) is somewhat of a lesser matter. Liverpool lost 2-0 to the local red scum today. At least the ex isn't crowing by text as I would have anticipated. Yet.

Ok let me update my rant list for the week. I bloody-buggery-hate:
  • Under-performers whose problems I inherit and then get me all stressed out.
  • People who get on my tits generally and specifically by insisting that every conversation has to be about them.
  • Arseholes who defraud my friends.
  • Gravity and car batteries than conspire against those I love.
  • Manchester-fucking-United

Right who wants a piece? Come on, come on, roll up - I'll take on the lot of yer!


Dave said...
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Dave said...

Wouldn't dare!

Life could be worse, my god-daughter thought it would be fun to text me from Corfu that they were having a great holiday, made even better after seeing the football score. Some serious god-father/god-daughter talk required.

p.s. sorry to hear about Caroline - need her back home in one piece for more exciting episodes of escaped rodents

Kathryn said...

Here's hugs (at a safe distance, just in case) hopes and prayers for a better week all round. At least here the rain has gone and it's a beautiful autumn morning.
Take care xx

sally said...

I told my Mancunian friend Steve, after church, that Liverpool would trounce them, obliterate a scouser, I know where my loyalties lie.....bugger, he will laugh at me now...... you need to sign up to the same anger management classes as caroline - they worked for her.....

John Davies said...

As a scouser, I know where my loyalties lie... so no surprise at a result which demonstrates the priorities of the Europe-facing, English league-jettisoning Spaniards about to demolish the precious piece of historic public parkland at the end of my road. The Liver Bird is BLUE. Check it out:

Emma said...

Hmm, I'm afraid I really am having an interesting one.

We all got made redundant last Thursday, made salt-in-wound worse by the facts that a) we're not getting paid for last month's efforts, b) it came totally out of the blue and c) no redundancy to be had on account of no money being available.

And I got an infection in my gum which hurts like hell (yay for penicillin!!)

My car just finally clunked its last today, which means I really have to get it scrapped (a fate that it's been teetering on the edge of for about a year). Why was I using it? Because, despite asking BT to deliver my new broadband to home rather than work, they delivered it, a day late, to work.

I'm still smiling, oh yes.

1 i z said...

Oh Em! That's horrible!

What a shitty, shitty thing to happen. And what a thing to come back to.

The gum, car and BT stuff, just really piles it on.

Consider your bastard (ex)employers, infections, dead cars and BT (the bit that doesn't indirectly put bread on your table anyway), officially on my punching list.

Stick said...

hugs available. it doesn't necessarily make anything better, but can provide temporary relief. See you at the weekend.
S x

Giles said...

Righto - lets form an orderly queue now, and off we go down to the local poultry farm... last person throwing eggs with their nemeses' faces on at a wall is


still stressed?

Much love

stuart said...

Now I could have made a comment earlier but to be honest its a difficult one. You see I should be loyal to my mancunian roots but then this is the scum (sorry united) we are talking about. I'd hate to be accused of being a bitter blue but frankly i'm with you "come on city"

Martyn said...

Well, if it's any consolation, after some oik broke into my car I just got my insurance quote - £813 for next year (up from £394). Not only that, but most of the stuff stolen wasn't covered on the policy. Someones making money and it isn't me...