Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Girls' Day Out

Whilst S&K try and find the answer to this dilemma, middle adopted niece H and I spend the day together.

S has laid down the boundaries for my stint in loco parentis. Playing on motorways and railway lines is ok. Playing with electricity and fire apparently is not ok (so that rules out electric railway lines then). He'd prefer if we didn't do hard drugs and no spirits before lunch.

Sounds fair enough.

I gave H some choices and she chose (when pushed - apparently she didn't want to be cheeky, well there's a first for everything) the Trafford Centre. It shall be our playground for the day.

First of all we shopped.

Then we lunched (tapas darling).

Then we did the movies (Open Season, not bad at all) and ice cream.

Then we shopped a little bit more.

Then we headed home.

Above all we had fun.

Of course given a least one of H's parents is likely to read this, can I just add that I believe the above falls within the prescribed guidelines. What's more we included salad in our meal, only soft drinks were consumed, Open Season is a natural history documentary(ish) and we only had two scoops of Ben and Jerrys (which shows positive restraint). I fear H was partially exposed to my worrying shoe addiction, but I don't think it will be hugely detrimental on the girl.

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