Friday, October 20, 2006


Ok I'm angry.

Really sodding angry.

Some utter and complete arsehole has cloned my buddies' debit card and emptied their bank account.

I'm fuming.

Sometimes really shitty things happen to really good people.

And it sucks.


Caroline said...

oh shit. that truely is shitty. bastards. why can't the world just ne nice. i'm sorry you - and your buddies, but you especially cos i know how much you hurt when your buddies hurt - have had such a shit week. i DO love you, so much. i'm sorry my crap wek is getting in the way of me being a sociable chatty bunny but i do love you and one day i might have to train a, um, er, um, penguin?, to tell you so in my absence.
love you loads

Kathryn said...

Oh that is just miserable. So so sorry.
Wish there were something helpful I could do, beyond sharing your fury at the foulness of some people.
Hugs though good in themselves feel rather inadequate right now. x