Monday, October 02, 2006


Back from the wedding/girlie weekend, I’ve just time to sort out my bags before work in the morning and then the train down to London for Greenbelt Trustees and Management Group.

A little bit of a disaster going down when the woman next to me drops her possessions and in the ensuing clear up, I manage to knock my glass of water over my laptop. The rest of the journey is spent with me peeling off key after key and mopping furiously.

The laptop is pretty ancient, weighs a ton, has become slower than a slow thing and various ports have ceased to work. However I was hoping it would last a little longer before I needed to upgrade.

Ah well, it seems to have survived.

The meeting itself is well facilitated and some excellent stuff comes out and is discussed. Just got to put it all into action now…

Back home by 1.30am I need my bed – I’m glad I was organised and repacked my overnight bag on Sunday night.

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