Monday, July 03, 2006

Redcurrants Anyone?

Back from work early enough to enjoy an hour or so in the garden reading a book and picking some tubs of redcurrants to satisfy my father's annual Summer Pudding requirements.

I have two very large redcurrant bushs, with branches laden with fruit (and that's even after many a branch succumbed to the over-zealous attentions of a certain gardener.

Still plenty left. Any takers?


Caroline said...

do they come with cooking instructions?

Rob said...

Hmmm, take, eat, this is my redcurrant that is given to you.

Kathryn said...

they are so so decorative...wish I liked eating the things at all, but just have to admire from a distance.

Caroline said...

place in biling water for slightly less than 2 minutes then force feed to friends in remembrance of me