Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You are BEAUTY. You are TRUTH. In you I find my SALVATION.

Sleep came eventually, making up for it’s earlier elusiveness with intensity.

I wake to hear my mobile ringing. As I answer to Caroline, I catch the time, it’s nearly 9am. I’ll ring you back I yelp as I jump out of bed and into the shower.

In best Hugh Grant “Fuck, fuck, fuckety-fuck” mode, I get ready in under 15 minutes (thank the lord for powerful hairdryers) and make it into the office around 9.45am (the traffic is so much better later on it seems!).

This is the first time I’ve slept through my alarms (all three of them, count ‘em, the bedside alarm clock, the mobile phone alarm and the DAB radio) since I was like 18 or something.

Thank God Caroline rang when she did.

As I say to her later it’s one of the many pieces of proof to support the theory that we must remain friends for ever and ever.

Other supporting evidence would include the fact that she was ringing me to thank* me for the package that had just arrived in the post from Manchester. A card with a cartoon figure complaining that “I’ve emailed God hundreds of times and he never answers…I find it highly unprofessional” accompanying the latest mutant giraffe memorabilia that I’ve found. As I rushed out the house late, I met our postie who passed me my mail including a package from Bristol. A card showing Jesus and the disciples, with the caption “Judas wanted to be leader, but after the multiplying loaves miracle, he knew there was no chance” and this wonderful keyring:

Therefore not only are we so much on the same wavelength we buy each other amusing religious cards and ‘standing joke’ nonsense items, just “because”., we also post them to each other and receive them on exactly the same day.

Spooky but cool.

I love my new keyring. This shoe-buying lady is very happy.

The day improves as I plough through a ton of work (some of the team are off, so interruptions are few and far between). I work late and make it home around 7.30pm, just as IM decides to phone. After a long chat (I think I was less acidic this time) and tons of Greenbelt emails it’s time to hit the hay.

A long day.

* I think that’s the right word


sally said...

Oh dear, I am not tuned in enough...your toys still not posted..I know, you can't get the staff...................

Caroline said...

yay! i won (or at lest came equal first) in teh 'get it into the post' competition', i suspect that's a first, tho it's problaby because Sally messed up and nto because i did good.....;)

sally said...

Yeh you won cos you are brill and get things right and yes, Sally is messed up, you are right there too!!!!!

1 i z said...

Personally (and this being my blog it is obviously my opinion that really counts ;-) ), I think it's pretty wondrous that we came close to a complete three-way closed circle.

Let's not play the game of who managed to get to the post-office first. I might lose ;-)

After all it's the thought that counts. And in this case the thought appears to be "here's something weird, i know who I can send that to!".

Love you both.


So there.

Anonymous said...

i have this keyring!

it makes me very happy too.