Monday, July 17, 2006

Belated photos

Sometimes it seems to take forever to get a camera in the same place as the thing you want to photograph and then get the photo uploaded to the web.

Or in other words I’m been meaning to blog this since Saturday…

Saturday morning I’m half awake when the doorbell goes and the postie hands me a jiffy bag that was slightly too thick for my rather narrow letterbox.

Clearly Paddington has been eating too many marmalade sandwiches…

Dressed for the Mancunion weather (for other suggestions see the comments on Caroline’s blog), I too have a lovely little bear friend now, courtesy of the wonderful Sally.

Better still, also included in the package is a wonderful Paperchase notebook and some matching stickers.


Last year I bought my young niece a whole pile of this very Paperchase stuff; stickers, mugs, notepads, pens, playing cards, photo album, pencil tin…the works. As someone wisely observed “you’re really shopping for the things you wish you could buy for yourself, aren’t you?”. Oh the irony, when we’re young we can’t afford it, now we’re old we can’t justify it.

But Goddamnit I want a notepad with plastic animal tags attached for no clear reason.

And now I have one.

Look, it’s true…zoom in and you’ll see…through the cover...on the first page, it clearly says in Sally’s handwriting: “Liz’s Notepad”…

I have such excellent friends.

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sally said... come the photo you took of your bear is identical to the one C took? Sitting on the same book, same book behind...a little spooky or are you sharing photos??? Own up......oh the verification letters are lizwq!!!