Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cumbria and That Cafe

The projects I’m working on right now are by definition in the middle of nowhere, all across the North West.

Most of the time though I end up stuck in the design visit, whilst my team undertake the needed site visits.

Today however, the Client and I had to undertake a meeting and a couple of site visits deep in the heart of the Lake District. The investigation side of this had us traipsing up and down hills, which was hot work, but with surroundings like this who can complain?

Very tiring though, so on the way back I text P&S to see if they’re up for an impromptu visit to That Café to catch the Early Bird deal. Anything to avoid having to cook (I’m knackered from all the fresh air) and a strong desire to be out of the house and hence separated from the computer and Greenbelt emails for a few hours at least. Happily they respond in the positive, I love spontaneous meet ups like this.

Excellent food (as if it would be otherwise!) to the extent that the waitress clearing our very clean starter plates (yes P did use a finger…) commented that she didn’t have to ask if the food was ok.

Back home just after 9pm and onto the computer to try and fight back the wave of emails that have come in today. Whilst on, B catches me on IM and we have a real good catch up on Venue Management. Still a lot of work to do, but he’s done wonders in the last couple of weeks to get it back on track. I just hope he hasn’t driven himself too hard, or as I comment, some sleep, at least occasionally, is a good idea.

Talking of which…


sally said...

B catches you on IM??? I thought he didn't stay?? And what about privacy for heaven's sake...

1 i z said...


HE DIDN'T! At least one of us understands boundaries in this new 'just-friends' era.

I can't win can I? When I only used one initial for IM, you all got understandably confused, now he's confused for Instant Messaging.

Oh Sally I do love you, only you could pick up that possible connotation! :-)

sally said...

Only because I didn't know it stood for Instant Messaging. Now I hve my own lvoely laptop, can you teach me how to sign on for that??? I want to play!!!!