Friday, July 07, 2006


It's a bit of a dash after work, but I manage to dump the car and get the tram to Old Trafford in good time to join the other seven of our party for the Twenty-20 cricket (Lancashire vs Yorkshire).

It's cricket, but not as you know it. Everything that would normally be white (from the kit to the wicket) is red, blue or yellow, and the one object that would normally be red (the ball) is white.

Oh and they play the Artic Monkey's I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, everytime a new batsman walks up to the crease.

And you have cards with a 4 on one side and a 6 on the other, that you wave at the

Best of all (well if we're going down this whole not-really-cricket avenue, we might as well do it in style...) is Lanky the Lancashire mascot. Considering it's a bloke in a costume, it's remarkably in proportion compared with many of the mutants that can be found on the market.

Of course I just had to get him to sign an autograph for a certain friend...

Post match (Lancashire lost :-( ), half of us head back into town for a drink at Piccadilly Kro Bar. We sit outside and watch the kids use the fountain for slalom practice.

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