Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Almost a night off

A Greenbelt friend is in Manchester with work and has suggested meeting up. It’s all a bit vague, but Stuart suggests we plan to go for a drink and curry anyway (apparently my buddy feels I need a night off from the Greenbelt work) and work out the details with Jim in due course.

I agree on the condition it’s early, as I will have to do some Greenbelt work when I get back and I don’t want to be stupidly late to bed (for a change).

So after work I pick up Stuart (ok I go on his computer and do an hour of Greenbelt work, but you know…) and head to the pub to meet T, A and M, the demob happy teachers.

After a quick round, we head to the Punjab for a good nosh and the usual ritual abuse from the waiters.

I do slightly worry about the reputation I’m gaining in that place, this being the third time I’ve turned up with the husband of one of their regular families… Still the lovely K is with us in a way, as she rings and we both have a good natter with her about how the break to Alton Towers is going.

Jim apparently is planning to eat first and then meet us (I’m told the man doesn’t like curries – weirdo!), but it’s gone quarter past ten when he rings and we’re already heading out the door.

Ah well it may not have gone as planned, but it was a lovely night off.

Well except I get home and do another couple of hours on the emails.


sally said...

Liz, I'll say it again..something is wrong with the system..you are doing far too much......

Caroline said...

ahhhh, so those emails i receved from you late last were official GB emails then. ;)

1 i z said...

I know Sally, and this year was shaping up better, but a whole load of things seem to be cropping up late. Trying hard to find someone to delegate some of it to, but it's not easy. Hopefully next year the changes we're proposing will help.

Caroline - of course that email i forwarded you and Sally was official GB business. I'm quite serious in my suggestion that Front Desk should wear such badges ;-)